Not bad for a Monday

I’ve been obsessing about my film cameras lately and trying to make the most of my creative energy. Since moving to Hamilton, I’ve had a strange feeling like I’m finally in my element. In the last week alone I’ve met 4 different people just as passionate about film photography as I am.


Just today I took my camera for a stroll and came across what looked to be a really cool abandoned school building. As I was taking a photo a van drove up and a guy asked me if I was the photographer he was supposed to be meeting in the building. I said “No, but could I check out the inside anyway?” The guy laughed and said okay. He took me for a tour of the building and it turned out he bought it just a few weeks back. He purchased it and is turning the rooms into different movie sets (Parts of Silent Hill had been filmed there !!). He had thousands and thousands of antiques, art work, furniture and obscure collectibles piled high in many of the rooms. His intention, he said, is to rent out the pieces and stage the areas as needed for filming. I have never seen so many things in my entire life. Actually turns out that Hamilton is a hotspot for film shoots, and the building was used as a set just last week for a big movie.

Anyway, he said he enjoyed talking with me and offered me a photography gig for this Wednesday and said I was welcome to come around any time I wanted. Since he was planning to section off part of the building to lease to a photographer as studio space, I joked that I could use a darkroom. He immediately lead me to one of the dozens of rooms and said that I could use it. Not sure how serious he was but it would be nice…

Now excuse me as I daydream about running into Hollywood actors and being mistakenly cast as a love interest for (insert famous dreamboat here). You just never know…

For now, need to take more photos to add to my dinky little gallery wall.


xo Martyna

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! My costume this year was even more last-minute than usual. I came up with it the day of! Luckily, it didn’t cost me a penny as I was able to pull everything together with stuff from home.

Can you guess who I am? Apparently most of the party-goers needed to brush up on their 90s television. I think only one person knew straight away who I was. Did you figure it out? I’m Carmen Sandiego! Thought it was suitable since my friends always message me asking what country I’m in…guess I’ve been kind of a gypsy lately.


Here I am with my beautiful cousins :)

Putting together this costume was quite fun. I got the hat from my brother, jacket and belt from my mom, suitcase from my dad and the dress and shoes were mine. A collaborative effort! I’ve done cheap costumes in the past, but this was the first zero dollar one. Woo!

A little update on me, I’ve moved to a new city – Hamilton! I live in a house with two cool dudes and been doing a lot of thrift shopping to try to get my room together. So far there’s just a whole bunch of stuff in the middle of the floor. I’ve got too many DIY projects planned and too small of an attention span. I’ll have some pictures of my (hopefully beautiful) new room soon.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

xo Martyna

Paris – Bachelorette party, pastries, endless walks and epic views

A good portion of my trip was spent in Paris. It was my first time there and I definitely had a lot of expectations – the movies, books and my friends’/family’s own romantic portrayals all helped with that. My first impression of Paris was the opposite of romance. It was dirty. It was loud. It was hectic. It didn’t help that I was exhausted after my flight and had to wait around with my luggage for hours in a less-desirable part of town.

Needless to say, after the initial experience, Paris grew on me. I finally got to see what everyone was going on about. I quickly learned that it wasn’t really the buildings, the bridges, the churches and the restaurants that were romantic – it was the people and what these places brought out in people. I had a few memorable experiences with new friends, as well as great moments with family and friends for my cousin’s bachelorette weekend.

If I was a proper travel writer I would remember the names of all the places we went and the sights we saw…but it’s a blur. If anyone has questions on what to see and do, feel free to comment or email! Otherwise, here are some photos from my time in Paris:

Le Perchoir Rooftop Bar – Great ambiance, locals, view of Eiffel Tower, DJ + fancy cocktails

Our main bachelorette dinner, at MiniPalais – BREATHTAKING place, with reasonable prices

La Maison Rose – we chose it because it was pink and cute lol

LOTS of hills and cobble stone roads…walking in heels is not recommended

Fruit! I took a picture of fruit but don’t think I ate a single fruit my whole time in France…pastries all day, every day.

Epic views!

Beautiful cathedrals

Love locks, soon to be melted down I think…
The not so nice part of town…

Bachelorette surprise – Life drawing! We had so much fun and tried not to giggle throughout.




(I tried)

More on the rest of my trip later!

xo Martyna

London, England – Charity shops, carboot sales, and being a tourist

When Louise was leaving Toronto, she mentioned that I should visit her in England some time. She was probably just being polite, but I took her up on the offer less than 3 weeks after her leaving! She met me in London and we spent a wonderful few days doing what we do best, thrift shopping..ahem charity shopping. I was actually so surprised how many second hand stores I saw. Between my cousin’s town and London, I think I saw at least 50 shops! They are EVERYWHERE and many of them look like boutique stores.

A few photos from our adventures:

IMG_1796 IMG_1792 IMG_1767

Even the posh neighbourhoods had gorgeous second-hand stores. They reminded me a lot of the Canadian consignment stores, except these were all 100% for charity, even the workers were volunteers! It was very refreshing to see. Even our Canadian thrift stores that claim to be for charity actually only donate very little compared to their profits (with some exceptions, of course).



I really wanted to experience a UK carboot sale, so we planned my visit accordingly. We made it to a carboot sale in London on Sunday morning. It was very similar to a Canadian flea market except all the sellers looked like chic fashion bloggers…It was a lot of fun!

IMG_1722 IMG_1723 IMG_1728

I even found a little something to take home to Canada ;)


We checked out dozens of charity shops and the huge carboot sale…but we weren’t done there! We also had to check out some local stalls and peruse a few vintage shops…(I was very distracted by everything…)

IMG_1800 IMG_1799

We shopped, and walked, and walked…and walked. Louise was a wonderful guide. We also had the opportunity to taste some real English cuisine..

IMG_1748 IMG_1750

Last but not least, I can’t forget my wonderful host – my cousin Agata! Her and her boyfriend let me stay at their place for a few days and I was fed the most wonderful meals…and even got a spa treatment!


Beers after a walk…


Typical photo, while in England:


Rooftop beach! Music, sand, beers and tons of people! Apparently, I brought some sunshine with me to London!


That’s all for my stay in London! It was a great time but I must say it was EXPENSIVE. London is definitely a good place to visit when you’ve got a solid budget! Next up will be my Paris adventures…stay tuned!



Thrift Style Thursday – New Thrift Finds

Hello! I finally have a new outfit post!

Louise from Pauper to Princess came to visit and we did some major damage thrift shopping. I’ll share a complete haul later on, but for now I thought I would share my two favourite pieces.

A jean shirt from Dress Barn (Value Village $7.99) and a romper from Ardenes (Salvation Army $5.99). The purse is Fossil, previous Goodwill find for $4.99.


I have a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to what I wear. I loved thrift shopping with Louise because she was completely open to any and every style and tried on so many unique pieces. I normally wouldn’t have went for this denim top because of the seemingly clashing prints but I’m glad I gave it a chance because I love it!!

I love both pieces and have already worn them out a few times since I got them last week! The romper is from Ardenes, so I presume its not of the best quality but it was brand new (still had all it’s tags and was marked as $35). There was just something about the shirt, I thought it was perfect for summer layering – it will be coming with me to Europe. It already has a little Canada pin!


We found so much awesome stuff in all the thrift stores we explored, I look forward to sharing the rest of my finds. Don’t forget to check out the other thrifty ladies!

xo Martyna

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Thrifty Visitor

Although it is Thrift Style Thursday, I don’t have photos to share today :(…  but I am excited to share that Louise from Pauper to Princess will be staying with me for a few days (grabbing her from the airport tonight!) We are going to be doing some MAJOR thrift shopping (so stay tuned).

Louise is a fellow thrifty blogger that I initially connected with when I first started Spoolish, since then we’ve been following each other’s adventures (and were partners for a blogger swap) and now she is visiting Canada so I’ll be taking her to Niagara Falls and all the local thriftin’ grounds!

I feel so blessed to have been able to meet so many wonderful ladies through this blog and connect with like-minded people from all over the world! Just wanted to thank everyone for reading and connecting :) I will hopefully have some amazing finds to share soon, xo.