Thrifters Unite!

A list of thrifty blogs

1. Spoolish – thrift hauls and daily adventures

2. Buttons and Birdcages – thrift finds turned refashions + lots of outfit posts

Buttons and Birdcages

3. The Two Cent Chick – thrift finds, outfit posts + money saving tips

4. Little Did You Know – resourceful refashions, outfit posts and DIY projects

5. Thrift Love – Pamela, from Kingston, ON, shares thrifty outfits and home decor/renovation posts. Bonus: videos related to thrift, fashion, and decor!

6. Confessions of a Refashionista – thrifty DIY projects, refashions + outfit posts

awesome sauce & asshattery

7. Love Street Salvage – turning vintage finds into new beautiful creations

8. Carissa Knits – Thrifty finds and fabulous refashions!


Do you have a thrifty blog? Feel free to grab a button and you’ll be added to the list. Let me know you’ve added the button by emailing me or commenting on the Facebook Page


Copy and Paste this into your widget area!

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”Spoolish” width=”200″ height=”200″ /></a>


  1. I grabbed your button and will be adding it to my blog! I’m a thrifter as well and am in love with your style! Gotta say, love the new short hair, too!

    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for the love! I’ll add you to the list and hope I can find a way to help make the button work on blogger.

      xx Martyna

  2. Hi Martyna! I finally figured out how to add this to my blog, oh yeah!!! I found somewhere that if you remove all of the quotation marks (“) from the HTML code that it would work and it did, maybe that little bit of info will help someone else figure it out :) Anyway I love your blog and hope you will add me to your lovely list!

    1. Awesome blog Kristal – and you’ve only just begun! Thanks for reading + joining our list =)

      Thanks for the info too, I’ll let others know :)

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